1. That the title be Doncaster Rovers Supporters’ Club.
2. The objects of the club shall be to foster interest, help public relations with all supporters of Doncaster Rovers Football Club, to support money raising schemes and competitions.  To render assistance to Doncaster Rovers Football Club.
3.  The club shall be governed by an Executive Committee of seven members including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Auditors and one other elected member and a General Committee of not more than 20 members together with one representative from each branch of the supporters’ club.  Six members to form a quorum.  The officials shall retire annually but may offer themselves for re-election and half of the General committee shall retire in rotation each year.
4. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt as may be desirable and also to fill any vacancy between one general meeting and another.  They shall be empowered to call a Special General meeting at any time but 10 days clear notice must be given.
5. All nominations for the committee, with the nominees consent, must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary and must be made no later than the last day of May each year
6. Membership of Doncaster Rovers Supporters’ Club shall be unlimited, open to ladies and there shall be an annual subscription of £7, Concession £5.  Life Membership is available at £100.
7. The Executive committee may elect an Honorary President, Vice-President and Honorary Members.
8. The Executive committee shall be empowered to expel any member who may be deemed to have acted in contravention to the rules or to the detriment of the club.
9. Two Auditors shall be appointed from the members of the club to audit the accounts annually.
10.  No member shall be entitled to vote at any meeting or shall remain in office whose subscription has not been paid for the current year.  Change of address must be notified to the Honorary Secretary in writing.  Note: Each club year commences on the 1st day of August..

11. All branches and/or sections sub committees shall present to the Honorary Secretary a report and Statement of Accounts for the year not later than the last day of May each year.  The Executive committee shall have the power to request a Statement of Affairs at any time during the financial year.  28 days notice must be given in such cases.
12. A Special General meeting of members shall be convened upon receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition signed by no fewer than 24 members, stating the object of the proposed meeting.   10 days notice shall be given.
13. 10 days notice shall be given to the members in the Local Evening Newspaper of the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting that shall be held on a suitable date in July of each year.  Similar notice shall be given in respect of a Special General Meeting.

14. Doncaster Rovers supporters club are committed to maintaining the security of members data and confirm that data will not be divulged to any third party and kept in a secure manner in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations



Doncaster Rovers 

Supporters Club





Main Doncaster


President : Dr W. Erskine

Vice-President : J. D. Aldworth,Rsq. 

Chairman : Mr. L. South

01302 817347 after 6 pm

Vice-Chairman :  Mr.B.Schofield

Hon Secretary : Mrs.M.Sheppard

Hon. Treasurer : Mr. R. Haley

Hon Auditors : S. Biltcliffe & P. Kelly





Chairman : Tony Stephenson

Secretary : Mr. P. Mayfield,

07961 727769 After 6 pm

Treasurer : Kris Thompson



North Branch


Chairman : John Blanchon

       Treasurer    :   Richard Royston

  Secretary   :   Steve Warnes

07780316923 After 6 pm




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