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Supporters Club Away Travel Rules

1. All supporters travelling on a Supporters Club coach must now be a member. For those who aren't members, you can gain membership by booking on a coach and paying the one-off season membership fee while travelling or alternatively completing a membership form and posting it (£7 for adults, £5 for concessions).

2. Alcohol and vaping is not permitted on any coach run by the Supporters Club.

All supporters must realise that should alcohol be found by the police on any coach, it will be turned around and sent back to Doncaster. Also all coaches travelling to that fixture will also be returned to Doncaster.

3. Supporters who are intoxicated (or appear to be intoxicated) will be refused a seat on the coach.

4. The use of foul, abusive and racist language is strictly forbidden.

The Supporters Club organizes coaches for supporters of all ages, gender and races. We will not allow the majority of well-behaved supporters to be subjected to foul and abusive language at any time by a small minority.

5. Anyone who is found to have any Pyrotechnics, Smoke bombs or Flares will have them confiscated and the person or persons involved will be reported to Doncaster Rovers and the Authorities and banned from travelling on any Official Supporters Club Coaches. 

Any Supporter found guilty of one of the five points listed above will be immediately expelled from the coach, irrespective of it's location.

We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter to make away travel an enjoyable experience for all supporters.

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